Maximize Revenues & Product Security with Gameshield

GameShield is Yummy's flexible licensing and protection software suite geared exclusively for game producers (developers, publishers) and distributors (online sellers, content aggregators). GameShield's Digital Rights Management provides unprecedented versatility, innovative license management and powerful copy protection to fit any business model, while safeguarding intellectual property.

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Key Features

  • Flexible License Management
  • Powerful IronWrap Protection
  • Scaleable automated order fulfillment
  • Customizable User Interface Tools
  • Wrapper for Windows, Flash, .NET and Mac applications
  • In-Game Activation and Purchase (see below)
  • Dynamic DLC upsell
  • Viral "Share-with-a-Friend" license model
  • Useful customer support tools

Read more in our GameShield Feature Sheet.

In-Game Activation & Purchase

Trial downloads can now be refreshed and re-invigorated with this new toolset that optimizes the Try-Before-You-Buy process. Online sellers can now streamline their purchase and activation steps to a true one-click process.

DLC Upsell

Communicate to your customers before, during and after purchase with GameShield's dynamic upsell messaging. For example present your customers DLC additions through coupons, promotions or direct links to purchase pages upon their finishing a game play session or at predetermined times.