GameShield SDK

Developer Kit

GameShield's DevKit is the toolkit of applications and programming tools provided to developers and publishers for wrapping and licensing their game content. With an easy-to-use set of tools and features, GameShield's DevKit offers all the software needed to not only protect and distribute your content but also to help you optimize your downloads to increase your online sales and incremental revenues.

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GameShield's sophisticated wrapper technology which includes a wide variety of innovative encryption and anti-cracking tools to protect application data and executables. IronWrap is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, Adobe Flash, and .NET applications.


GameShield's ClientProtector is the COM component (SDK) for developers to programmatically integrate core licensing and protection features into their software application. It can be combined with GameShield’s IronWrap for added protection and licensing options.


HTML templatesfor standard trial and purchase screens as well as enhanced user-interface functionality to enable features such as integrated e-commerce, automated activation and serial number key injection, and dynamic, ongoing customer messaging that can all be incorporated into the software download.

FingerPrint Viewer

GameShield’s FingerPrint Viewer allows fingerprint flags to be analyzed and inspected in various environments, hardware configurations and operating systems. It can be used for debugging problems and optimizing fingerprints used for a wrapped product.

Project Wizard

GameShield's Project Wizard guides users through GameShield's features step-by-step, including creating a license file, Checkpoint License Server set up, IronWrap encryption and protection options, the UI Designer and selection of preconfigured license models.

CheckPoint License Server

GameShield's CheckPoint License server is an automated activation server that provides authentication and activation functions for your software, including generating and activation of serial number keys.