Broadband Service Providers

Games on Demand for Broadband Service Providers

Broadband Service Providers worldwide are partnering with Yummy Interactive to offer their customers video games as a Value Added Service to their broadband services. Our Games on Demand solution provides telcos and cablecos with a games channel that can be plugged into multi-level broadband tiers to enhance their internet services.

Yummy’s Games on Demand offers the lasting benefits of recurring revenues through ongoing monthly subscriptions that can be bundled according to a customers’ broadband tier, and white-labeled and integrated into a telco/cableco's existing billing and web infrastructure.

Furthermore, with our new options of game rentals and electronic purchasing, in addition to subscription, users have even more reason to revisit and stay engaged in the service, which in turn helps BSPs reduce their broadband subscriber churn rate, and increase overall ARPU.

Features & Benefits

  • Games increase broadband customers’ retention rates and help migration of users upwards within broadband tiers.
  • Our fully managed Games on Demand service has excellent appeal to the family audience, with games for the entire family.
  • Game packages can be tiered to fit bandwidth speeds and download threshholds
  • Billing API specifically developed for telco environments integrates easily into pre-existing billing infrastructure and user registration/authentication systems.
  • Fully managed operations ensure ongoing service compatibility, seamless updates and regularly supplied new games.
  • Trials and free game packages and other win-back promotions can be extended to Channel Support teams to increase ARPU.
  • Games can be accessed and played directly from a website or through a desktop client, or both (using Yummy's Games Player).
  • Prepaid Card programs can include Games Bundles through our prepaid card API.
  • Scaleable and extendible architecture will “plug-in” easily to your web/server infrastructure.
  • Option for fully-hosted white-label solution.