Distribution Models

Choose How Your Customers Play Games

Rent? Subscribe? Buy? Why choose just one consumption model? Sell your game products according to your business strategy by selecting the distribution models that best suites your needs and your audience. Then let Yummy Interactive's products and services power your solution. With our full-range of applications, SDKS and back-office toolsets we will help you create a seamless, engaging game experience for your customers.

Each of our products provides flexible and customizable options to support multiple business models that can be realized independently or side-by-side as part of your game service.

The power of Yummy’s digital distribution solutions are in their versatility. Choose which revenue models fit your business plan and we will help you implement them.

Purchaseable Downloads

Offer full-purchase downloads. Protect, license and manage game downloads with GameShield. Our product support Buy-to-Own (ESD), Try-Before-You-Buy (trial to purchase) and other event-based billing models with innovative licensing tools.

Subscription / Games on Demand

Offer "all-you-can-eat" games! With Games on Demand subscriptions customers can access game packages and play games whenever and wherever they want. Bundle your games, or Yummy's pre-licensed games to into packages tailored to gamers and mass-market. The Yummy Games platform supports subscription and comes with all the necessary back-office tools and user management to fully integrate with your service in the way you want


Much like a video-rental store, customers can select the games they want to play and rent. Offer limited time play of games. For example a customer can rent popular games for 3 or 5 days, with upsell messaging to purchase the full version or subscribe to a game package.


Offer incremental and value-added content such as bonus levels, assets, credits or game tokens.

Demos & Betas

Offer preview trials, betas and demos per game or per subscription to get user feedback and increase conversions and sales.

Ad-Supported or Free Play:

Offer free content supported by advertising. Yummy's products support media-rich format around-game, pre- and post-launch ads, which can be integrated into your solution.