Publishers & Developers

Monetization Solutions

Yummy's core products and services offer publishers and developers both a direct means to sell their games online, and also through Yummy's growing network of channel partners, which include Broadband Service Providers and content aggregators worldwide.

Sell Direct-to-Consumer

As a publisher you can sell games and software directly to your customers and package them for resellers using Yummy's GameShield and SoftwareShield products. Our Shield provides licensing and protection tools and the means for you to sell your products online or in brick-and-mortar outlets. And with new features such as instantaeous in-game purchase and activation to optimize your trial conversions, and dynamic DLC messaging to communicate with your customers on an ongoing basis , it's easier than ever to sell your products.

  • Wrap Windows, Flash and Mac applications
  • Get GameShield/SoftwareShield and Plimus e-commerce platform for a "one-stop" solution for your web store.
  • Innovative license models to engage customers throughout your products' life-cycle
  • Powerful protection mechanisms to thwart piracy and inappropriate usage
  • Fully-hosted server for automated authentication and activation for simple, scaleable product management
  • Leading publishers and aggregators such as PopCap Games, Runic, Rockstar, Perfect World, Flycell, and Plimus use our products.

Distribute Your Games on Yummy's Network

Increase your revenues incrementally through online subscription and download. Yummy will protect and distribute your games without any hassles, hidden costs or requirements, and we will extend your content to our channel partners throughout North America, Europe and Central America. Please talk to us about partnership opportunities and licensing your content for our fast-growing network.