Content Distributors

Game Store Solutions for Online Sellers

Yummy provides content aggregators, online retailers and destination portals with turnkey, cost-effective solutions and simple ways to sell games off of their existing website, or to help them launch an "end-to-end" games portal. With our core products GameShield and Yummy Games Quick Launch online sellers can:

Features & Benefits

  • White-label downloads to your brand
  • Offer multiple business models such as: full-purchase downloads, try-before-you-buy, subscription, rentals and more
  • Game packages can be tiered to fit bandwidth speeds and download threshholds
  • Select a turnkey "out of the box" deployment or fully customizeable one to fit your needs
  • Distribute your own licensed content, or include our catalog of over thousand games
  • Easily plug-in your choice of e-commerce services, social media and advertising tools, or use one of our preferred partners or plug-ins.
  • Dynamically deliver special offers, advertising, extra DLC content and game annoucements before, during and after your customer's purchase experience.
  • Engage your community or shoppers in sharing games with friends with viral distribution tools (such as "send-to-a-friend" trial offers) and retainment tools such as achievement points, leaderboard and user-related content.
  • Get real-time reporting to monitor ongoing sales, usage, and user interactions