Brand and deliver games the way you want to

Yummy Games Quick Launch offers a complete Games on Demand service platform. You can choose to implement our fully-hosted white-label solution, or customize it entirely to suite your needs. Either way, Yummy Games Quick Launch will enable you to engage in digital distribution and provide a game service tailored to fit your audience. Yummy Games Quick Launch supports multiple game offers including: subscriptions, full purchase downloads, time-limited rentals and much more.

Key Features

The Yummy Games Quick Launch platform is modular and provides you an extremely versatile, scaleable toolset that can be integrated into your existing infrastructure so that you can self-manage the service, or you can choose for us manage everything for you, with our hosted white-label solution.

Yummy Games includes all the components for an end-to-end online solution.


The website provides all catalog data, game discovery tools and web services to present users all offers, games and services.


The catalog includes over 1300 fully licensed games to appeal to a mass market audience. Games are all quality tested and compatible with the latest Windows OS and 64 bit PCs.

Games Player

The fullPlayer lets users play via their web browser or via their desktop. It's the window of access to shop, download, and launch their games. It also manages automatic updates for games, patches and more.

Management Tools

Our back-office toolset is modular and manages registration, account management, security, offer management (buy, subscribe, download), advertising, real-time reporting, and other database driven management.

Streaming downloads

Our progressive streaming technology gets users playing sooner, as they can start playing a game, before it has fully downloaded.

Content Security

Game executables are wrapped and protected with Yummy’s GameShield and data is encrypted alongside of session-based authentication and IP detection for user account access.

Value-Add Features

Can be included for ongoing and event-based promotions, marketing and community engagement and include features such as:

  • Community features (high score leaderboards, achievement points)
  • Advertising support
  • Multi-lingual support (language toggling, catalog, database)
  • Parental controls
  • Cloud computing (games can be saved to the Cloud for portable game saves)