Branding and promotions of your service are supported by a variety of tools powered by Yummy's products. Offer promotions such as free trial periods, gift coupons, and prepaid cards to promote and market your game service. Support web advertising including banner ads, video trailers, Flash and other rich-media within our Yummy Games web pages and Player applications. Yummy Games Quick Launch and GameShield wrapped games can also be white-labeled according to your brand strategy.

Promotional Services

Yummy provides a series of web services groupings that can be integrated into web pages and advertising that will dynamically serve up catalog information. These can be arbitrary groupings as well. Spotlight selected content such as:

  • New Releases
  • Most Played (e.g. Top 10)
  • Recommendations / Featured games
  • Top User-Rated
  • Top in Genre
  • Publisher
  • Multiplayer
  • Coming Soon

Advertising Support

Marketing messaging and advertising can be added into game delivery prior to launch and upon exit of a game or through the Yummy Games Player. Upsell messaging could include advertising of other game products, social marketing (send‐to‐a‐friend campaigns) or even in‐game contest messaging (sweepstakes), and 3rd party advertising inventory and more. Yummy Games can be integrated, and may call to, any number of third party ad‐servers in order to display and manage highly targeted advertising inventory. To aid in the targeting of advertising inventory, the technology can identify IP address of users.

Advertising Support

The Yummy Games Player and web pages supports all forms of web advertising including banner ads, video trailers, Flash and other rich-media and can be served up dynamically throughout the website.

Ad-supported games

Around game ads (pre- and post-launch) can be added to game purchase downloads, TBYB and subscription games for free-ad supported offers and more.

Special Offers / Trial Accounts

Our products support trial periods ranging from hours to days can be included to help promote your service and gain new customers.

Customized Game Packages / Bundling

Because of the depth of Yummy’s licensed catalog, unique game packages are easily grouped and created. For example partners can group games and create packages tailored to their audience such as a “kids pack”, arcade pack, [specific genre] pack (e.g. Puzzle Pack). Or games can be bundled according to subject matter or publisher (e.g. a series such as Bejeweled 1, 2, Bejeweled Twist or CakeMania 1, 2, 3). This ability to dynamically create game packages provides the ability to create bundled offers and experiment with releasing multiple content offers over multiple portals.

Prepaid Cards API

Offer physical and virtual prepaid cards to extend your retail presence. Generate, activate, deactivate and redeem prepaid cards. Our API supports a selection of card types for the various retail environments or gift coupons.

Media Storage (CD, USB keys, Printed materials)

Should CDs or physical promotional materials need to be distributed, Yummy can pre‐generate activation codes for game downloads or subscription packages that can be included with media storage devices or on printed on electronically distributed materials.

Loyalty Points/Achievement system

Points can be accrued by users through gameplay, purchase and other participation in the service. Presently an achievement points system is based on scores achieved with select games. Points can also be easily rewarded for length of time played on a specific game in the catalog, the entire catalog, or the user’s unique interactions with content (for example a sequence can be set in which a user must play a set of games in order to achieve a specific reward or prize).

Yummy Marketing Support

Yummy is happy to work with our partners in promoting the content and Games on Demand solutions you launch with us. Promotions can include special CD giveaways, feature advertising, special promotional game bundles for subscribers, white-label and branded software, and much more. To learn more about how Yummy can support your promotional efforts contact us.