Yummy Games provides all of the necessary back-office tools, web service APIs and databases to deliver Games on Demand solutions. These modules are implemented as web services to allow for a flexible and customizable service that can easily be integrated by Yummy’s partners.

Yummy Games exposes a set of SOAP webservices to enable application-to-application. These interfaces with additional documentation, sample code, and development tools and utilities are provided to our partners.

Product Catalog

  • Defines and lists SKUs for purchase, subscription or rental.
  • Stores all your product information (meta data): pricing, game description, screenshots, rental/purchase durations, game ratings (ESRB, PEGI), trailers etc.

Billing Management

  • Allows you to choose a full turn-key solution to your merchant account/billing system.
  • Reconciles transactions daily and performs monthly audits.
  • Supports 3rd party ecommerce platforms.


  • Automatically serve up lists of the Most Popular games, New Releases, Featured games (eg. recommended picks), etc to spotlight your content.
  • Ad banner locations within in the Yummy Games application.
  • White-label user interface allows full customization and branding.
  • Free game-play Trials and Demos supported.
  • User-ratings option available to rate games in service.

Translation Tools

  • Online editor tools to support translation of the websitek, game catalog and descriptions into other languages. The Games Player and website supports display of multiple languages.

Management Portal

  • Allows access to back-end system reports such as usage, current activity and revenue.
  • Provides Product Support services tailored to your needs, detailing escalation procedures between the partner Support Staff and Yummy.

Games Player

  • Allows for "one-click" game installation and launch and uninstall functionality for end-users.
  • Downloads can be queued for launch.
  • End-User's System Checker is also included, which checks PC compatibility with each game.

User Account Management

  • Creates and manages customer account information (unique from your company's user information)
  • Verifies the user's identity through secure authentication with your company's database.
  • Facebook Connect plug-in supported.

Prepaid Cards Support

  • Offer physical and virtual prepaid cards for retail outlets or for your own store promotions.
  • Generate, activate, deactivate and redeem prepaid cards.
  • Our API supports the card types such as Point-of-Sale Activated cards, pre-activated cards and virtual – inactive (printed on user’s receipt) and virtual –activated cards for the various retail environments for cards.